Tennessee Rat News Update November 1, 2019

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Tennessee has long had issues with rats, particularly roof rats. In 2017, Memphis was named the most roof rat infested city in the United States. Many businesses and homeowners have felt the impacts of rat infestations. One local Family Dollar store was forced to close it’s doors for months due to a suspected rodent infestation.

In other rat related news, Tennessee officials have been offering residents advice on how to combat some of the rat infestation issues. They explain that it all starts with cutting off the problem at the source, their food. Rats are known to get a majority of their food from the garbage we produce and leave out on the curb or in the alley way. Officials are encouraging residents to walk around their neighborhoods and evaluate how garbage is being managed. They also are advising people to check their homes thoroughly for small holes that may be allowing rats easy access inside.

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WREG has now obtained the health inspection report after a Hickory Hill Family Dollar store was closed because of a rat infestation.

It details rodent droppings on store shelves, chewed open packages and a dead rat discovered in a trap in the stock room. When the health inspector visited May 23 following an anonymous complaint, they said they saw a living rat perched on a cooler.

“That’s gross. They need to clean it up,” said former customer Jacob Omambia.

Community activist Patricia Rogers, who’s spent months documenting the trash heaps accumulating at Family Dollar stores around Memphis, went further in her assessment. Read more

To get rid of rats, take a look at your garbage.

While a pest control company might deal with rats temporarily, rats will rebound unless you get to the root of the problem, said Bobby Corrigan, who holds a doctorate of urban rodentology from Purdue University.

And the best way to solve a rat problem, whether in a city or an individual home, is to cut them off from food sources, says Corrigan. Read more

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Summary: Getting rid of rats requires you to first look at how your trash is being managed. Memphis was named the second most roof rat infested city in 2017. Experts explain that to solve the rat problem, you must cut them off from their food source, which mostly comes form our garbage.