Tennessee Squirrels

Squirrel Overview

Many of us throughout the United States enjoy watching the wildlife that runs through our yards. We will sit out on our porches or decks and watch the squirrels and the rabbits running around our yards doing their foraging thing. Most of the time, they pose us no issue or problems within our daily lives. There are times when these animals can become a nuisance when they decide to make their way into our homes and decide to live in the attic.


There are a number of different species of squirrels that roam the woodland areas of the United States. Some species prefer areas that are denser wooded areas so that they can travel from tree to tree to forage and they never have to go on the ground. Others like to forage on the forest floor and will prefer areas where the forests are sparser. All squirrels will build nests. Some of them will use sticks, twigs, and leaves to build a nest in the trees and others will utilize the cavities in trees in order to build their nests. The nuisance sort will choose an attic space to live in because of the protection it offers from predators and the weather.


Squirrels are herbivores and will feed on all different types of vegetations. They will feed on seeds, nuts, flowers, plants, and fungi. They will choose their nesting site based on areas that offer plentiful food sources so that they do not have to travel as far to find food daily. A homeowner’s attic can be the perfect place because of the different food sources they can have access to on a given property. They can feed on the plants in gardens, the flowers, shrub, and ornamental trees throughout a property’s landscaping, or they may dig up the lawn to find seeds and other nuts that may have fallen from trees in the yard.


They can also do a variety of damage to the structure of the home as well. They can gnaw and chew on the wooden beams of the structure. They have also been known to chew on the electrical wires that run throughout the walls of a home. They can also cause electrical shortages because they will utilize the power lines running to the house as a highway system. Many people don’t realize how much damage a few squirrels can do once they have entered a home.

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Control and Removal

Once it has been noticed that there is a squirrel problem in your attic, it is time to call Patriot Wildlife Control. We are well versed in dealing with squirrels and understand the intricacies of this particular problem. They know that because squirrels are considered game animals, they may require a permit in order to trap and remove them from a person’s property. Patriot Wildlife Control will also be able to educate the homeowner on how the animals are getting in so that these areas can be repaired to prevent this problem from reoccurring.

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