Rat Tracks

Finding rat tracks are an important part of identifying a possible infestation or building problem. Rats establish pathways that they use faithfully, and these are going to be the areas where their tracks are most likely to be found. They will use these paths because they are going to be the safest, most direct routes to their food sources and nesting sites. They may be difficult to identify except by a trained eye.

Their foot tracks are most likely to be found in areas that are dusty or muddy because the ground is prime for recording their movements. They will show 4 toe front feet and 5 toe back feet. It is common for these tracks to be mistaken for other animals like squirrels. Chew marks will also be found around their established paths. Their front teeth grow throughout their lives and they must chew in order to keep them at a manageable size.

They are able to chew through all sorts of materials from wood to concrete and everything in between. They will leave behind evidence of their chewing through the remnants of this chewing. There will also be droppings and urine left along these established paths as well.

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