Predators Of Rats

The most obvious predators of rats are humans. There are some cultures around the world who worship rats, but for the most part, they are considered to be a pest to people. Among most human populations, rats are known as animals that carry diseases that can be transmitted to people. They are also seen as detrimental and destructive to the structures and buildings in which they make their homes.

Another one of their natural predators is cats. Cats are normally mice chasers, but if given the opportunity to go after a rat, they will. Rats are secretive animals and do not put themselves out in the open very often. This is why cats do not always have the opportunity to go after a rat. They are an intelligent animal that will avoid putting themselves in a situation where a cat will be able to go after them.

In the wild, birds of prey are their most common predators. Hawks and falcons are known to go after rats as they are surveying a field or pasture in search of food. Rats are regularly hunted by owls. Rats are very active at night because they are able to stay hidden much easier and this puts them in the line of sight of owls. There are also certain snake species that will hunt and eat rats as well.

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