Rat Diet

Rats are an animal that will eat whatever is available. They are opportunists that will take advantage of whatever abundances people leave out or make accessible. They will go where they need to find food, inside a home or around outside. They will eat anything from carcasses to fruit and vegetables or even cannibalize one another.

Different species of rats can develop varying tendencies for certain food sources. For example, Norway rats, also called sewer rats, prefer food sources that are high in protein such as meat scraps and pet food. It all depends on what the humans around them make available and these sources will shape their habits.

There are specific things that people can do to limit food sources and reduce the chances of developing a rat problem or infestation. People must make sure to secure garbage cans, pet food, and storage sheds. They will also need to try and limit their points of entry into their homes.
It is a great idea to call a professional to help develop a prevention plan to implement so no problems arise. They will help to identify weak points around the home where they can get in and what the person can do to make sure that they do not come into the home.

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