What Do Rats Look Like?

All rodents have similar traits, but rats have certain distinguishable features that will set them apart from others. They have large front incisors that will grow throughout the duration of their lives. These constantly growing teeth require them to chew in order to maintain a reasonable size. They have fur all over their bodies except for their tails and their ears. They run on all 4 legs, but they are able to stand upright on their 2 hind legs.

Size, color, fur texture, tail length, and ear size are going to differ from species to species. Norway rats are a large, robust species of rat. Their tail is not as long as their body and they are a brownish-gray color. Roof rats, in contrast, are a long and slender species of rat. They have a tail that tends to be longer than their bodies.

Even head size and shapes can vary greatly from one species to another. Their heads and nose shape can range from blunt heads with curved, aquiline noses to long, slender, and pointed. It all depends on the species. Professionals will be able to educate their customers on ways to identify rats and what type of traits are going to be universal amongst them.

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