Tennessee Roof Rats

Roof Rat Overview

Our professionals here at Patriot Wildlife Control are experienced with dealing with and removing a wide range of different nuisance insects and animals. One of those pests is the common roof rat. These are a species of rat that is dark brown or black in color and is so named because they are drawn to living in elevated areas, like the attic of your home. They are a common species in the southern United States and in the warmer coastal states of the South. They can pose a lot of serious issues when they decide to make your home their home.


They can flourish in areas where they will cohabitate with humans. The presence of people will provide them with a lot of different available food sources. They normally feed on fruit, vegetables, plant materials, tree bark, and berries. When they make their way onto a person’s property they will be able to find a lot of other types of food sources that will keep them around. Garbage, pet food, the fruit from fruit trees in the yard, the food in the home, and the flowers and garden that have been planted around the house to create beautiful landscaping are all possible food sources that will bring them into or around a home.


Germantown Roof Rat Extermination

Collierville Roof Rat Extermination

Once they have made their way into the home, they are going to ultimately cause a lot of damage. Aside from all of the food and vegetation that they are going to eat and destroy, they can also do structural damage as well. Rats are animals that can scratch and chew through just about anything. Brick, concrete, metal, wood, and wiring are all things that they will be able to make short work of. They can cause serious damage to the home that can result in major repairs that will need to be done to get the home back up to code.

Diseases and Health Risks

They are also going to pose a lot of different health risks to people. Rats are a major source of a lot of diseases and infections that are dangerous to people and their pets. They are going to be a possible source of fleas and ticks that can make their way throughout your home and affect the family and the pets of the house. These fleas and ticks are going to carry the diseases that the rats have and spread them to people. They can also spread diseases through bites and the urine and feces that they will spread around the home.


It is necessary to get rid of these pests as soon as it has been noticed that they are in the home. Some signs to look for are the droppings, gnaw marks in various structures and on the packages of destroyed food, nests, and the noises they will be noticed coming from the walls or the attic. It may be an emotional experience, but Patriot Wildlife Control is here to help alleviate the stress and help you through the process of getting rid of your unwanted houseguest.