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Nuisance Squirrel Removal Information

The term squirrel is mostly used to refer to “tree squirrel”- a kind of fluty-tailed, tree climbing rodent. But they are just a part of the squirrel family, which also includes ground and flying. In this article, we provide you with general information as well as the best methods for wildlife control for removing them. Both species nest in areas that can be a major problem. The worst scenario being in attics, typically they can easily gnaw through fascia boards to gain access to the attic. The amount of damage from them in the attic is extremely alarming due to the fact that they are known to cause home fires from gnawing electrical wires. Unfortunately for many homeowners, they look for DIY methods online such as repellents, and this only increases the length of time that they will be in the home. Animal repellent seldom works successfully for any nuisance animal in a home.

Description of Squirrels

Squirrels belong to Sciuridae family, which includes small & medium-size rodents. As mentioned above, the little creatures are classified into three groups, which include tree, ground and flying squirrels. There are over 200 species, and the majority of them cause a lot of destruction on lawns and in homes, causing the need for professional wildlife removal services. Some of the more common species that you are probably familiar with include fox, flying, and eastern grey squirrels. They regularly come into contact with humans & man-made structures. Many times just while doing general home maintenance a homeowner will find gnawing, squirrel chew damage is the best indicator that you may have a problem.


Squirrels are generally considered to be small animals. They typically have slender bodies with large eyes (contributes to their excellent sense of vision), soft & silky furs (although much thicker in some species than others), bushy tails and versatile, sharp & sturdy claws (for grasping and climbing). This makes control methods difficult in some instances. Any experienced squirrel removal and control expert will tell you, not one trap size or set fits all. In general, the average size of an adult one is approximately 12 to 25-inches or 30 to 64 cm long. With baby rodents being about a third of the size when they start venturing out on their own.

When it comes to coloration, their color is highly variable between and even within species. Some are black, red, gray, while others are brown. The coloration of gray and fox squirrels, are strikingly different despite them being generally the same size. The only real difference between the two is that eastern gray live in larger family units. Also, the underbellies differ in color from the coats on their backs. Moreover, they have hind limbs that are longer than the forelimbs with four or five toes on each paw.


Squirrels are predominantly herbivorous, and their diet consists of hard mast like acorns, hickory nuts, walnuts, other tree nuts and seeds (bird seed, sunflower seeds, etc.). They also enjoy fruits, berries, flowers, and mushroom. When in desperation, they eat twigs, herbaceous plants, and bark. Note that some species eat insects as well as small vertebrates.


Squirrels can make their home in almost every habitat from semi-arid desert to tropical rainforest. But with a diet that’s mostly comprised of seeds, nuts, herbaceous plants, flowers and fungi, they prefer to make their homes in forested areas. Overall, they live in every continent, except in Australia and Antarctica.


Squirrels are non-aggressive but they living in a home or attic will cause destruction. They dig and steal plant bulbs, chew the bark of ornamental trees and shrubbery, feed on the content in birdfeeders, trample on and eat from gardens, chew on birdhouses and dig buried seeds and nuts in yards, leaving holes and disrupting the overall presentation.

Inside homes, they nest in attics, chew as well as gnaw on the wooden support beam & walls, chew on electrical wiring & insulation, endangering themselves and humans in the immediate area, and travel on powerlines, which can result in electrical shorts. Overall, they can cause a lot of damage to your home and properties.

Control & Safety

Apart from causing damages, they are also considered to be a health hazard. This is because they can have ticks and fleas on them, and also even carry diseases. No matter what trapping method that is available, it’s essential that they are prevented from invading your home. We recommend that you modify your home and yards, and make them less favorable to the nuisance critters. Do not use products intended for other animal such as bird deterrents. Many home have been fitted with bird trapping products only to find that they are far too smart for these control methods.

Make sure that you repair broken window screens and cracks leading to the attics. Check your chimney and seal all the entry points with mesh covering. Moreover, make sure that trees don’t hang over your roof by simply trimming them, and protect your gardens with fences. This is the first line of defense in proactive animal control.

Trapping & Removal

Squirrels are excellent climbers and can squeeze themselves into small holes and tight places. This means that without the right trap, the problem can persist for quite a long time. If they are already in your attic, the best way to remove them is by trapping. Regardless of the trapping method, we identify their entry points. Squirrel removal and control is not just as simple as placing cage traps filled with food like nuts, bread or fruits at the openings. It truly takes experienced wildlife control methods otherwise the animals become educated and trap smart. At the point almost no trap will work. Once trapped, the next step of control is done. Which is exclusion and animal proofing. This is important because once you get rid of them, you don’t want them coming back.

Trapping them require the procurement of a permit since they are considered to be game in many states, including Tennessee. Also, despite the fact that they are non-aggressive, it’s always safer to contact a trained animal trapping professional to handle the rodent trapping task, rather than you trying to trap them without the proper knowledge or assistance. Our professionals are skilled and highly experienced at identifying a variety of species. They handle squirrel removal properly and humanely, while at the same time protecting you, your family members, property and wildlife. A professional handing making sure they are trapped and removed will also save on the squirrel removal cost of damage repairs and clean up. We also offer dead animal removal in case they have fallen down a wall and died. A dead animal can carry lots of diseases so it is never advised that you come in contact with one without the proper handling education. If you want to get rid of them, don’t hesitate to contact us, we provide professional wildlife management.

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