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Best Raccoon Removal Options For Homeowners

The ever increasing population of raccoons in urban areas is becoming more common. There are hundreds of different ineffective suggestions as to how to deal with raccoons with illegal methods such as using mothballs, hilarious methods such as fox urine and even gimmick “critter ridder” powders that are a sure fire way of wasting $20-30. The internet is full of solutions, however not all should be trusted. Some of the most common questions we typically get are;

  • How vicious are raccoons?

  • What kind of noise does a raccoon make?

  • How do you get rid of a raccoon?

  • Are the raccoons dangerous?

  • How do you kill a raccoon?

  • Can a cat kill a raccoon?

  • Do raccoons come out during the day?

  • Are raccoons aggressive to humans?

  • What will scare a raccoon away?

What you plan to do in regards to raccoon removal mainly depends on your specific conditions at home. Whether there are a lot of raccoons that are intrusive or a couple of friendly ones just a little too close for comfort, it is advised to consult with a professional raccoon removal expert before determining what solutions will suit your needs.

A lot of homeowners like to use cage traps to solve their raccoon problem, however raccoon trapping alone is just treating the symptoms and not the cause. Leaving garbage cans open, bird feeders, and forgetting to close chimneys with proper chimney caps all attract raccoons, whether or not you dealt with the current problem.

Dangers and Diseases

It is very dangerous to handle raccoon yourself because of the risks of parasites and disease. Raccoons can be very dangerous and aggressive when they are compete for food sources or are defending their den. For that reason, pets and homeowners can be at great risk when dealing with a raccoon that has decided to take up residence under a deck or stoop, especially if the animal is rabid. Therefore it’s recommended to use extreme caution when approaching raccoons that have come out during the day as this is a sign of disease. Also if you are not sure regarding the laws in your area to trap a raccoons, it is highly advised to hire a professional raccoon trapper to effectively and legally get rid of the raccoon problem. The most common questions we get regarding raccoon diseases are;

  • Do a lot of raccoons have rabies?

  • What are the symptoms of rabies in raccoons?

  • Can you get rabies from baby raccoons?

  • Are most raccoons rabid?

  • How do you know when a raccoon has rabies?

Other Methods For Getting Rid Of Raccoons

Besides live trapping, there are other ways to deal with raccoons. Habitat modification, removal of attractive coverage and food sources all can aid in making your home less attractive to raccoons. However once a raccoon has taken up residence these methods and tactics can be of little use. Always keep in mind, if your only solution is raccoon traps, more will simply take their place as vacant dens are always inhabited within a short time.

Sometimes individual raccoons must be removed by hand depending on the circumstances. It is strongly advised that in cases like this, you always hire a professional raccoon trapper who can safely perform the removal.

Raccoon Control

Once the nuisance raccoons have been removed from the home or property, the next steps for quality and lasting raccoon control are animal proofing of open or vulnerable areas, raccoon feces removal, attic insulation replacement and damage repairs to the roof.