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Removal and Exclusion Of Tennessee Bats

How to Get Rid of Bats From Your Home

Bats are not as harmful as they may seem to be. In fact, they can be quite beneficial to have around your house as they feast on nasty bugs and mosquitoes. However, it doesn’t mean that you will let bats infest your home! If you think your property has been invaded, it is time to plan their eviction or call Bat Removal Services.

Are the bats inside your house?

Evacuating bats is not that simple. You have to have a special permit or license allows you to evict them in the first place and that too can be done only with the help of years of professional bat removal experience.

Do you have a nursing colony at hand?

Removing adult bats from your property and leaving the pups behind will lead to their death eventually. It is also illegal. Therefore maternity season is not a good season to get rid of bats. Another wrong time to plan bat removal is during winters as this is when they essentially hibernate during the cold season. Bats are important to maintain the semblance of your ecosystem so decimating its population will lead to higher number of insects that may have otherwise been removed naturally.

Look for bat entry/exit points

When you are in the bat removal season slot, it is time to locate the points of entry and exit. Look for at droppings, called guano, below the entrance. If you are unable to locate openings simply by bat droppings, it means that the bats haven’t been there for a while. You can try again during the night when the bats reemerge.

The most well-known entrance positions comprise of broken/ill-fitted windows, the absence of tiles or shingles, conduit pipes or wiring entrance into the house, cracks and crevices, etc. Remember that a bat is capable of slipping inside through a hole as big as a dime!

Exclude entry into the house

Once the bats have been removed, it’s extremely necessary to prevent their entry back into the house. If there are still some left behind, we fully wait for them to leave your house and then when they have fully evacuated we  seal all openings shut. For this process we use one-way exit devices. All professional bat removal services should only use this method to evict all the bats from home. Once all the bats have been removed, the device is removed, and the holes are sealed for good.

Are the bats outside your house?

If bats are flying inside your home, call us immediately for professional help removing bats from the home.