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Germantown, Tennessee

Germantown, Tennessee is an adorable city and one of the most populated municipalities in Tennessee, United States of America. The first settlers of the City located along Cherokee Trace which is about 16 miles east of Mississippi River, arrived in 1825. More settlers began to enter the area and by 1830, the first store was opened. Germantown borders the town of Collierville, TN.

In 1833, the area was named “Pea Ridge”. In the following year, Surveyor N.T. German laid the town lots for the emerging utopian community. Since the community was largely dominated by Germans who were the original and first residents of the place, it was rechristened as Germantown in 1836.

Germantown became an incorporated settlement in 1841 and a Railroad was constructed along the settlement. Since then, the community began to witness tremendous development. However, Germantown suffered a disastrous setback due to the yellow fever outbreak that almost swept the community away.

Collierville, Tennessee

Located in the metropolitan region of Memphis, Shelby County, in the state of Tennessee, Collierville, TN is a 24.7 square mile suburb with an approximate population of around 49,177 as of 2016. It is part of the Wolf River Watershed, boasting highly fertile soil beneath. It is situated next to Germantown, Tennessee. Mainly, the town consists of a plenty of larger residential homes, with a few smaller houses dating back to older times located towards the town’s center. There are increasing numbers of retail outlets in the suburb as of late, and some factories and industries continue to boom in the area.

As the 20th century progressed, Collierville grew more and more, and eventually set up a telephone company in 1907. The town placed importance on education, slowly building schools over the years. The town also became known as a dairy town, leading to the building of a cheese plant in 1934.

Today, Collierville is over 150 years old, is the Cheese Making Capital of West Tennessee, and continues to grow as it aims to become the ideal suburban community. The suburb was named for having the Best Main Street in the country by Parade Magazine in 2014. It has also been named as the Top 100 Places to Live in 2008 by Relocate-America. Collierville has a number of different attractions, mainly in the form of museums and parks.

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