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Rat Proofing Methods

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Rodent proofing your house: if you have any concern about rodents getting in or near your home, prevention is the method to go. Halting a problem before it occurs will stop any damage or invasion, whereas if you wait it out you might have a lot more to deal with. Rodent exclusion is a service that an expert company provides to not just check and treat but also avoid rodents. The exclusion service starts with a comprehensive inspection where a well-informed technician will come out and look for locations that rodents may be getting in. The report will be written to reveal the homeowner the locations of concern. Then a custom treatment strategy can be prepared which might consist of treatment of a present infestation of rodents such as mice or rats. When the rats and mice and other rodents are dealt with, preventative approaches are used. The avoidance will consist of sealing up any areas that rodents can use to get in your house. To seal up this possible entry points, we use wire mesh, hardware cloth, foam insulation and other materials. This is an excellent preventative method and an expert service technician can locate these locations with our experienced eye. The best part about the majority of rodent exclusion services is that the work is guaranteed and if you see that a rodent is utilizing among the locations that was sealed, we will come back at no charge to you. We will examine the area and re-seal it if necessary as well as treat for any rodents that have actually made it in your home.

Q: we have a problem with rats and even mice from time to time. I don’t want to use poisons, since we have dogs, but trapping the rodents is never-ending. Are there any other methods of controlling these pests besides poisons or traps?

A: the best method of controlling rodents is exclusion. You have to determine how they are getting in and then seal them out. If trees touch your house, rats may be coming in from the roof. If you have a crawl space, they can be entering where the plumbing penetrates the floor. If you have cracks in the foundation or other small holes outside, they could be coming in that way. Mice can enter through very small openings.

Our team is experienced, insured and state licensed by the Tennessee department of natural resources. We also conduct thorough background checks on all technicians. Whether you have squirrels in your attic, rats in your basement or a raccoon or snake in your home, we handle it all! We offer free estimates and inspections to help you diagnose your specific wildlife intrusion issue, and we humanely and safely perform wildlife removal of most species of animals. We proudly offer our animal removal service to all of Collierville and Germantown, TN! If you live in these areas and have roof rat or rodent issues, you may be asking yourself “where can i find reliable rodent removal near me? ” The answer is Patriot Wildlife Control! Our rodent control and wildlife removal methods are poison-free and 100% safe for your family and pets! We also pride ourselves on offering humane wildlife removal for most species, causing no harm to the animals and allowing for relocation in the wild. Georgia is a lush, green state with natural beauty and diverse wildlife. While it is wonderful to be close to nature, nobody wants wild animals to be inside their home. Rodents and other animals can carry diseases and bacteria in their fleas and waste that can affect your pets and family. If you are hearing scratching in the ceiling or wall, don’t delay! Have one of our professionals provide a free inspection your home today. Our experts will identify the problem animal, locate the points of entry they are using to get access to your home and provide you with a detailed plan of action to permanently resolve the issue with a written guarantee, giving you and your family peace of mind. Contact us today to get started! .

A hamster or guinea pig in a cage is one thing, but a rodent infestation is another. Fortunately, there are companies that specialize in rodent control serving san jose and pleasanton, and they would be happy to help you out with your rodent troubles. These companies can use rodent exclusion methods and materials to remove rodents from your home and prevent them from returning. Read on if you are interested in understanding how rodent exclusion works.

If you’re up against rat infestation in a big way, the way out is to limit the damage by constructing a rodent-proof environment. Your home should be designed by taking into account the prevention of entry of rats. Besides, it makes better sense and will be less expensive to include rodent-proof construction techniques into the building of your home rather than trying certain rodent exclusion methods later.

Rodent Exclusion and Sanitation

Knowledge of how to exclude rodents from structures provides a foundation for understanding how to use this technique on other animals. As valuable as exclusion techniques are, property owners should be made aware that excluding rodents from a structure will not guarantee rodent-free buildings forever. Rodents can gain access to a structure by gnawing a new hole or getting carried in with a box or appliance. Therefore, exclusion techniques should be part of an overall integrated pest management (ipm) program that includes sanitation, population control and monitoring.

Sanitation and exclusion (keeping pests from entering) are the most important ways to prevent a rodent infestation in the first place or to keep them from coming back once you treat a problem. While cats and owls are predators of rats, there are usually not enough to keep rodent numbers down. Additionally, some house cats don’t have the inclination to prey on adult rats.

Sometimes they are outdoors; but not inside a building unless it’s scheduled to be demolished. Trapping and removal is the right way to do interior rat control. Exterior use of rodenticides is sometimes used as part of wide-area public health rat abatement programs, and some as commercial food-processing facilities may be required by law or by the sanitation standards of their industries to have rodent bait stations installed around the exterior perimeters of their buildings. Most of the time, however, rat poisons are neither necessary nor desirable. Safe, permanent, non-chemical rat removal and exclusion is always the better way to eliminate rats from a building.

An effective rat control program must employ practical methods that are relatively effective and straight-forward. The successful rat removal and  rodent exclusion of an infestation in or around a dwelling usually depends on three separate components. These components are elimination of the rodent population, sanitation of the rat or mouse nesting area and rat exclusion or rodent proofing. Rat exclusion involves locating and sealing the entry points which includes reinforcing areas of vulnerability. Our rat removal team will start every rodent removal process with a thorough structure inspection and surrounding property. During this initial inspection, this will not only determine the current rodent issue and how to get rid of rats that are entering the structure, but also find all areas of harborage.

Detailed inspection of interiors and exteriors of the property. Identify food & water sources, entry points and harborage sites. Design a site specific, comprehensive plan of action (ipm). Trap and remove rodents from interiors. Rodent proofing and exclusion of entry points, gaps and holes. Rodent /animal / bird / bat debris hepa clean-up, specialized sanitation equipment.

Rodent and Wildlife Exclusion Service

Home exclusion is the proactive approach to preventing wildlife from invading your home or other structure. This is a long-term solution that keeps rodents and wildlife where they belong — outside. Oftentimes, home exclusion systems for rodents and wildlife are presented as simply making repairs to the home. These wildlife exclusion services are typically limited to sealing chimneys, covering holes, or filling in gaps. While that may work temporarily, the most successful form of home exclusion accomplishes two things.

In today’s day and age, the rise of the green marketplace has created the need for change in the way pest control and wildlife exclusion companies operate. With consumers looking for options that are safer for both the health of their families and beloved pets,  pest and wildlife control companies are taking a different approach to controlling rodents and wildlife by adding a vital piece to their services portfolio of pest control services: home exclusion.

Rat exclusion systems are a permanent wildlife barrier that protect homes, businesses, and other structures from being taken over by mice, rodents, and other animals. Patriot WIldlife Control’s pest exclusion services are natural, chemical-free, long-term solutions that offer complete home seal-ups to prevent infestations. Wild animals that have found a way into your home or other structure can lead to costly damages and potentially spread bacteria or disease.

Wildlife exclusion services are among the most valuable tasks performed by pest management professionals. Why continue to treat symptoms when you could get to the root of a problem? while trapping programs designed to remove rodents from one’s home are a great start, the real value is in exclusion service. The wildlife exclusion service involves sealing all potential entry points of the targeted pest to prevent their entry in the first place!

What is pest exclusion?

Plain and simple, pest exclusion is the act of keeping rodents and wildlife out. Unfortunately these pests are adept at finding entry points into homes, and once inside, they’ll make themselves quite comfortable. At Patriot, our exclusion services focus on identifying entry points and then correcting them. That could be as simple as sealing a crack on the exterior of the foundation or installing a door sweep or it could be larger and broader in scope. When you contact us, we’ll develop a prevention place that ensures rodents and wildlife cannot invade your home.

It’s time to take your home back from mice , rats and squirrels. Patriot wildlife solutions offers rodent and mouse exclusion and removal services Germantown and Collierville. Rodent exclusion (a. K. A. Rodent proofing) is taking preventable measures to remove the existence of rodents within your home and prevent them from returning in the future. Whether mice , rats , or squirrels are making themselves at home in your house or business, we can eradicate all rodents. We use non-poisonous, traps to catch and remove rodents. Once the rodents have been removed from your property, we’ll seal up potential entrances on the interior and exterior of your building, including crawlspace encapsulation to prevent rodents from returning.

Protect your property with rodent, bird & wildlife exclusion services from excludetech. Properties make attractive homes for a variety of critters, from rodents to birds to wildlife. An infestation can damage both your property and your company’s reputation. That’s why you need preventative control that stays a step ahead: rodent, bird and wildlife exclusion services from exclude-tech. We quickly trap and remove critters that have found their way in. Then we install exclusion barriers to help keep them out. Best of all, we guarantee our work. Patriot will make sure critters mind their own business, so you can get back to yours.

Our Residential Rodent Exclusion Service Includes

One of the most important characteristics of being an effective roof rat exclusion company is identifying key entry points and sealing off those avenues so mice, rats, and other pests can’t breach a residential home or commercial facility’s interior. By cutting off these points of entry, one’s goal of maintaining a pest-free environment is already half-accomplished. This is exactly what Patriot’s rodent exclusion services delivers.

Business description: Patriot is a family-owned Collierville based company that offers residential and commercial rodent control & wildlife exclusion.. Patriot has proudly serviced the entire Collierville and Germantown area for over a decade. The growth has simply come one client at a time. Earning the clients trust and respect. Also, we believe strongly in better service through science and technology. We are the only termite and pest control company in Tennessee using a flir infrared camera and a termatrac t3i for all inspections. At Patriot, we make sure our clients have the most knowledgeable technicians while always using the most advanced technology because at Patriot, we simply don’t have employee turnover. Using the best technology available while providing experienced technicians, that’s Patriot. Maintaining our commitment to customer service remains our top priority and that’s why at Patriot, “only the sun outshines our service. “.

Our team goes through a multi-step process to secure your home from rodents. This 3 step process includes:

  1. Inspecting, to determine where rodents have invaded your space
  2. Identifying, to find weaknesses in your home’s protective barriers
  3. Sealing off, to close off every potential opening for rodents

We’ll sufficiently protect your home from rodents and other vermin. To schedule squirrel exclusion services or rodent exclusion services, contact our team today.

Patriot wildlife control offers residential and commercial services for animal damage repairs and wildlife exclusion service. We are a reputable family owned and operated business located within the Collierville area with offices in Germantown, TN to better serve our customers. Our animal damage repairs exclusions are one of a kind.

Do you want to find out whether that sound you heard in the night is rats in your attic or a branch scraping your roof? Then it’s time to call Patriot and have one of our rodent exclusion specialists do a thorough examination of your home. You’ll get a 2 year guarantee and our rodent exclusion service includes exploring all those parts of your house you don’t want to look at, like the crawlspace and all the corners of your attic. Our specialists will check the perimeter of your home for potential entry points and the interior for travel paths of rats, mice, or other critters. They’ll determine if you have rats, mice, or some other unwelcome visitor like a raccoon or squirrel. Whatever they find, you can be sure they’ll use their proven three step process of trapping, baiting, and then sealing all entry points to solve your problem.

Family-owned & operated, serving both residential and commercial needs and offering quality service at a price you can afford with no hidden or surprise costs.

After the initial rodent inspection your exclusion technician will follow a detailed map outlined by one of Patriot ’s inspectors. This includes noting all entry points to be sealed. While doing so, our technician will check traps and/or bait stations(if any) and reset or rebait where necessary. Patriot pest control offers some of the best and most affordable rodent extermination and exclusion services in the Germantown, TN and Collierville areas. Our many loyal and long standing customers would attest to this(just look at some of our reviews). So, why not give us a call today if you need to rid your home or business of rodents now!.

Call a Rodent Exclusion Expert Today

Here at attic Patriot wildlife services, we understand the kind of complications that invading pests and wild animals can cause when they choose to make their home inside your attic or under your house. Once an infestation begins, it can be extremely difficult to clear it out, but with the help of our wildlife exclusion professionals, we can help make it simpler. Anytime you are experiencing an issue with pests in your home, you can count on our team of wildlife removal specialists to provide you with the wildlife exclusions you need to eliminate your pest problems and keep them out for a long time to come. Are you experiencing problems with pests around your home? If so, give our team of experts a call today and let us help you take your home back. Bottom line, rodents are agile and clever, and can squeeze through even the smallest entry point into a structure. Even if you are able to locate one or two access points yourself and effectively seal them, it is essential to call an expert in rodent exclusion who will know the proper techniques in keeping mice and rats out of your home for good. At new mexico pest control, we know how stressful it is to discover rodents in your property and are committed to providing the best techniques available in pest control management for your comfort and health. Call us today for a free quote on our rodent exclusion services! . Trapping and removing your unwanted critters is just the first step in solving the problem.

The goal is to keep uninvited animals out of your home for good. At critters gone urban based in roscoe, il, we can help you remove animals and stop them from coming back. Our experienced wildlife exclusion technicians can install fencing materials and point out problem areas in need of attention. Whether you have skunks under your porch or mice in your cabinets, you can rely on our experts to solve the issue. We offer 24/7 emergency services to handle any critter problem you might have. Call today and we’ll send someone to your home immediately. Depending on the degree of infestation, technicians may utilize a combination or all of these techniques. Return visits are scheduled to inspect and re-install or replace traps and remove rodent carcasses. Clients may opt for a maintenance program after the initial service has been completed. Call our experts to schedule a property inspection or rodent exclusion service today at 619-584-6794. ‍‍every nook, cranny, and gap which is not sealed off will give a nuisance pest the opportunity they need to intrude on your living space. You must call in wildlife control professionals to make sure these areas are appropriately remediated. ‍‍

Attic Rats Entering Through Soffits and Eaves

If the wood around these areas is rotted, soft, or already has some gaps, nuisance pests will exploit the area to gain entry. Birds, rats, raccoons, squirrels, and bats are known to enter homes through these areas. They are more than happy to work on a small hole until it is large enough for entry. We will reinforce and strengthen all damaged areas and seal and holes and gaps. If the wood is irreparably deteriorated or damaged, we will replace it. Exhaust holes under the eaves may have been built in for ventilation, but offer a natural access point. We will check the roofing materials themselves for any vulnerabilities which could give a pest a starting point for their intrusion efforts. Once activity is spotted, placing traps in the right location is key. Close to nesting sites or along runways are where you will find droppings, which are the best locations to place the traps. Other key spots are below the tub, under the stove and in the couch. When you find a good spot for the traps, a good bait is next. There are many baits for sale on the internet or even at your local home store, however we have found a natural peanut butter to work best on the mice. Rats prefer peanut butter or junk food like oreo’s and doritos, which will get them to respond the quickest.

Check the traps as often as possible, replacing the bait and traps as needed. Always remember to wear gloves and a mask when exploring areas like the attic or crawlspace and when removing dead rodents. To control rats & mice in a building is the safest and most effective method for rodent control in homes and businesses. Baiting inside homes to control the problem is not recommended because the dead rodents may end up in the wall, attic or other hard to reach place. While trapping is generally recommended for rodent control indoors, when the number of them around a building is high, you will need to use either baits to exterminate large number and gain adequate control, especially if there is a continuous re-infestation from surrounding areas. Enclosed bait stations, are place around the building. They are checked and refilled every two months to maintain a steady supply of bait for the rodents. Read more on rodent trapping! . Surveillance should be the first step in getting rid of mice and rats both inside and outside of your home. Indoors, check your cabinets, pantry or any other areas where food is stored. There are some telltale signs that indicate whether critters are getting in. For example, look for chewed-up paper and disturbed or torn-open food containers. Most important, scan for what look like tiny brown or black seeds or raisins. These are rodent droppings. You may also notice a sweet scent, which is probably rodent urine. Also, don’t don’t forget to check your attic, basement or crawlspace areas for these signs. Check for any openings that lead outside.