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  • Patriot Wildlife was awesome! I had a ton of questions and they were patient and answered all of my questions. They also did a great job of getting rid of roof rats in my Collierville home. Huge thank you! Mike Lee 01/06/2018
  • Really good service - Mr. Hodges came out on short notice and was a really big help in getting a group of four squirrels out of the wall, where they'd fallen and gotten stuck. For future pest wildlife control service, I'll have Patriot first on my who-to-call list. Charles Nesler 06/03/2018
  • Highly recommend Patriot Wildlife! Friendly, prompt, knowledgeable, very fair, clearly explains what he sees and solutions for the problem. Rich is a long-time U.S. Veteran and local Collierville business. AMJ 02/13/2019