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How many flowers does it take to make 1 pound of honey?

Honey bees must gather nectar from two million flowers to make one pound of honey.

Germantown Honey Bee Removal Services

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picture of honey bees in the wall of a Germantown TN homeLooking to get rid of bees in Germantown Tennessee? Bee removal is not your everyday pest control service that can just be treated and solved. Getting rid of honey bees from a home or structure takes time and care in order to keep the bees safe while also quickly solving the issue for the homeowner.

Throughout the active months for bees, Patriot Wildlife Control takes lots of calls about honey bee removal from homeowners looking to get rid of bees.  We always take the opportunity to educate the homeowners on the amazing benefits that bees offer. Our extreme dedication to properly removing honey bees with non-lethal methods is something we as a company are very proud of.  

Honey Bee Control

Unfortunately, there are times where bees create their hives in places that they can not co-exist with humans without conflict.  Honey bees like to create their nests in cavities, so they will look for places that are dry and protected, which unfortunately can be behind the siding of homes, brick walls or between drywall voids. Despite honey bees being relatively harmless, their hives behind walls can actually decay the drywall causing structural damages. Along with this, they pose a health threat to those that are allergic to bee stings. Hives in walls can also attract other issues such as rodents and insects that are attracted to the honey.

When did honey bees arrive in the U.S.?

These bees adapted and thrived in many places while in others, they succumbed to parasites and diseases originally adapted to other bee host species. In the early 1600s, English colonists brought hives of Apis mellifera mellifera to the Jamestown settlement. These bees thrived in the old growth forests of the New World, and spread west in advance of the pioneers. These bees were said to be easily excitable, “runny” on the combs, and susceptible to some diseases, however they overwintered well in cold climates. In the mid-19th century, the Italian race of bees, Apis melliferalingustica, was imported to the U.S. and became the most popular race of domestic honey bee due to a gentle disposition and high honey production. Division of Agriculture Research & Extension – About Honey Bees – Types, Races, and Anatomy

Benefits of Honey Bees

picture of bee relocation in Germantown TennesseeHoney bees pollinate the majority of the plants that we depend upon for food, in simple terms if honey bees are not around, we could potentially face a major food crisis. Aside from this, bee honey is one of the very best natural remedies for everything from an antimicrobial or antibacterial agent to calming allergies. Honey bees are an extraordinary species, hence why we make every effort to insure that bee populations thrive.

Honey Bee Relocation

Patriot Wildlife Control specializes in safe honey bee removal. We can effectively extract honey bee hives and relocate them safely to a more suitable habitat. Call our team today if you are in need of honey bee control in Germantown Tennessee. Our Germantown bee relocation experts are ready to assist you in any situation. We also offer bee removal and relocation in Collierville.