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Get Rid Of Raccoons In Germantown Tennessee

The ever increasing population of raccoons in urban areas is becoming more common. There are hundreds of different ineffective suggestions as to how to deal with raccoons with illegal methods such as using mothballs, hilarious methods such as fox urine and even gimmick “critter ridder” powders that are a sure fire way of wasting $20-30. The internet is full of solutions, however not all should be trusted. What you plan to do in regards to raccoon removal mainly depends on your specific conditions at home. Whether there are a lot of raccoons that are intrusive or a couple of friendly ones just a little too close for comfort, it is advised to consult with a professional raccoon removal expert before determining what solutions will suit your needs. Many times during an inspection we find that the home needs Germantown rat removal services.

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Contact Germantown raccoon Control for a wide variety of services. We provide rodent control and roof rat removal, as well as Wildlife Removal services. Many of our services are customized for you, based on the exact problem you are facing with wildlife or rats. Our licensed technicians are very thorough and are also certified by the state of Tennessee. We are known for getting animal removal jobs done right and always on time.

A raccoon issue can be a real problem. Not only can raccoons cause damage to your home or property, they can also harm you, your family or your pets. Our experts specialize in getting rid of raccoons and providing raccoon exclusion work to make sure they stay out for good. Call us today for raccoon removal in Germantown, TN.

What are the dangers of having a raccoon in your home?

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Pay special attention to scratching noises, pitter patter of feet, strange odors, and droppings in the interior, as any of these are a sign of a animal problem. Mole control in Germantown TN. Snakes such as Northern Copperheads, Eastern Massasauga, and Timber Rattlesnake can be particularly dangerous. We can help with pigeon, chimney swift and starling control. When bat droppings are disturbed, infected spores become airborne, putting humans at risk of developing severe respiratory issues. We are a full-service wildlife control company serving Collierville TN and the surrounding area. Raccoons will also destroy your lawn digging for grubs and worms. Call for help with bats in your attic. Wild animal removal experts can eliminate your wildlife problems in Tennessee. These animals are known for rummaging through garbage and possibly eating fruit off your trees, but the real monetary harm comes when they create nests in your attic. Snakes such as Northern Copperheads, Eastern Massasauga, and Timber Rattlesnake can be particularly dangerous. In all honesty you should never attempt to handle a snake because we have several venomous snakes.

What diseases do Raccoons carry that could affect humans?

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We can help with pigeon, chimney swift and starling control. We will also give you a solution to your wild animal infestation. This habit attracts other disease-carrying pests like rats, mice, and birds. They also attempt to find protection from weather and to build a nest for their young. Skunks also transmit rabies, leptospirosis, and canine distemper. Luckily, our team has experienced wildlife removal technicians that can handle any and all of your control needs, whether you’re in Memphis TN or surrounding areas. Additionally squirrels will chew electrical wires which can create a fire hazard. The best way to protect your home and your family is by calling a professional to handle these animals. We can help with pigeon, chimney swift and starling control. We look forward to hearing from you! Patriot Wildlife Control has the experts in animal trapping to rid you home of unwanted wildlife.

What are the signs of a raccoon in your house?

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Our highly trained technicians are available 24 hours a day, and can in most cases just smell the air in your home to diagnose what problem wildlife is there This habit attracts other disease-carrying pests like rats, mice, and birds. We also specialize in removal of bats in the attic as well as bat proofing. Topping the list of fire hazards is rats chewing on wires as exposed wires are a dangerous risk for house fires. In particular, big and little brown bats are notorious for sneaking into chimneys, attics, and hollows between walls. Experts in bat removal can clean up bat guano as well as deodorization of infected areas. Rats love to chew on things in your home and this results in damage. Bat damage includes contaminated insulation from bat guano. They also attempt to find protection from weather and to build a nest for their young. When you see a mouse or rat, call us or the problem can get worse quickly. Squirrels can damage insulation with urine and feces.

Besides live trapping, there are other ways to deal with raccoons. Habitat modification, removal of attractive coverage and food sources all can aid in making your home less attractive to raccoons. However once a raccoon has taken up residence these methods and tactics can be of little use. Always keep in mind, if your only solution is raccoon traps, more will simply take their place as vacant dens are always inhabited within a short time.

Sometimes individual raccoons must be removed by hand depending on the circumstances. It is strongly advised that in cases like this, you always hire a professional raccoon trapper who can safely perform the removal.

Call us today for emergency raccoon removal. We safely get rid of nuisance raccoons from homes!