A New Method For Retinectomy, The Loss Of A Childhood Icon, and Germantown Tennessee To Seek New Mayor

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This upcoming fall Germantown Tennessee has plans to put in a new mayor and is beginning the November process prematurely in May, it’ll have residents choosing between the two candidates and an official decision will be made in the fall of 2018. Both candidates come from Germantown, TN and have a set of goals to accomplish if they are elected mayor.

Palazzolo, Barzizza confirm plans to seek Germantown mayor this fall

Palazzolo, a former alderman who is completing his first term as mayor this year, said Tuesday he probably will make a formal announcement when he speaks to the Germantown Kiwanis Club Thursday. However, he said he began door-to-door campaigning last weekend, and has several campaign events scheduled. A kickoff event is scheduled for April 21.

Palazzolo said his priorities, if re-elected, would be continuing with Germantown Forward 2030, a long-term strategic growth plan. News Source

Germantown, TN citizen tells stories of how Toys R Us stores have impacted her life in a positive way and talks about how the company going out of business is a real tragedy. Carrie told that it is a shame the stores are going to disappear, but that she is not surprised as there were many areas where they were lacking.

Toys R Us closing is like losing a piece of childhood for some Memphis area shoppers

That fact showed in the comments of some shoppers Thursday, who said that while they will miss the store, it had its problems.

“You would have thought customer service would have been better, but it’s always been a problem for me,” said Jennifer Bennie of Germantown. “People didn’t know where things were in their store or certain baby questions you had, they wouldn’t know.”

Still, Bennie said she will miss the range of things available at the store.

“The thing with Toys R Us is the specialties,” she said. “You can get five different Thomas Trains at Target, but you can get 50 different Thomas Trains at Toys R Us. It was nice to have all the selection.” Original Article 

A Germantown TN doctor has helped in developing an effective new retinectomy with far less complications than past methods of retinectomy. Dr. Charles developed this new method at Charles Retina Institute in Germantown, and hope his method will become much more popular in the future and used by all doctors.

Sequenced approach offers effective retinectomy with less complications

Dr. Charles, Charles Retina Institute, Germantown, TN, outlined his pearls and shared the reattachment sequence that he follows during a retinectomy.

Dr. Charles recommends that surgeons not perform a retinectomy under balanced salt solution (BSS) or under perfluoro-N-octane (PFO). In fact, at the various retina meetings he attends, Dr. Charles said there always seems to be a complication presented that is related to sub-foveal PFO. The only way to avoid such complications is by not using it in the first place, he said. Original News Article