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Collierville Tennessee

Located in the metropolitan region of Memphis, Shelby County, in the state of Tennessee, Collierville, TN is a 24.7 square mile suburb with an approximate population of around 49,177 as of 2016. It is part of the Wolf River Watershed, boasting highly fertile soil beneath. It is situated next to Germantown, Tennessee.

Mainly, the town consists of a plenty of larger residential homes, with a few smaller houses dating back to older times located towards the town’s center. There are increasing numbers of retail outlets in the suburb as of late, and some factories and industries continue to boom in the area.


Native Americans and other settlers were drawn to Collierville back in the past due to its location, which placed it very near to the Mississippi River. At the time, it was the home of impressive varieties of wildlife, enjoyed plenty of rain, and had fertile land conducive for growing food. As hunting activities commenced by the Chickasaw, trails slowly began to form, and these paths would serve as the foundation for roads today.

In January 1818, the Great Chickasaw Cessions began, with European settlement beginning to take on a more permanent nature. Native Americans were moved south and Shelby county was established soon after, with Memphis forming not too long after that. The land that is Collierville today was handed out in the form of a land grant to Jessie R. Collier, who sold the land off in 1836 with the headline “The Town of Collier for Sale”. Thus, the name Collierville was born, and a Post Office’s relocation to the suburb led to its slow rise in population.

Collierville was petitioned to be incorporated in 1850 and was accepted. This led to the town setting up a form of stagecoach for a break for those who travelled to Memphis and passed through. Due to poor road conditions, the travel could take up to a week despite its 30 mile distance, and so the Memphis and Charleston Railroad was built with a station passing
through the town. This led to a population boom.

Unfortunately, this also led to the town’s involvement during the Civil War, as injured men soldiers were left behind in Collierville beginning 1862 as the trains passed by. Eventually, this caused fortifications to be put up surrounding the town, and two large battles broke out over the course of the war, among with a few smaller ones. The town was virtually completely destroyed post war and had to be rebuilt, which led to the building of a town square, several schools, and a a number of churches.

As the 20th century progressed, Collierville grew more and more, and eventually set up a telephone company in 1907. The town placed importance on education, slowly building schools over the years. The town also became known as a dairy town, leading to the building of a cheese plant in 1934.

Today, Collierville is over 150 years old, is the Cheese Making Capital of West Tennessee, and continues to grow as it aims to become the ideal suburban community. The suburb was named for having the Best Main Street in the country by Parade Magazine in 2014. It has also been named as the Top 100 Places to Live in 2008 by Relocate-America.


Collierville has a number of different attractions, mainly in the form of museums and parks.

The Morton Museum of Collierville History was opened in 2012 and contains a wealth of information about the town, dating back from the first Native American settlements and beyond. Before being turned into a museum, it had been a church for decades. The museum also has a children’s section full of informational posters and costumes for kids to try on.

The Bible Museum on the Square showcases the history of the Living Word of God and tells the tale of its printing, development, and publication. Depending on the time of year, side galleries open up to display other aspects of Biblical history and knowledge.

The town also houses some amusement park and entertainment locations. One that is unique to Collierville, as opposed to being part of a franchise, is the Suggs Water Spray Park is a small amusement park for children – though adults are welcome as well – that functions as a sprinkler-based water park.

There are a number of different parks in Collierville that are worth visiting, including Suggs Park, W.C. Johnson Park, Halle Park, Peterson Lake Nature Park, Tom Brooks Park, and Nikki McCray Park.


Collierville has a number of interested events that take place annually. One of these events is the Fair on the Square, which is held in May and was first launched in 1976. It is essentially a fundraising event focused on charity and works to raise funds for numerous different projects that will help the community of the town. So far, it has helped hundreds of different causes.

The Collierville Arts Council also hosts the Symphony in the Rose Garden event, which also happens every May. This event is a concert that happens in a garden with more than a thousand different rose bushes. All profits from ticket sales and tours or picnics in the garden go back to the council, which uses the funds to benefit the community.

Another concert event is the Summer concert series, which goes on over two months from June to July. Concerts take place every Thursday in the Town Square Park and is open to performances from all varieties of acts.