Collierville, TN Taxes Likely To Rise, A Boy Scout Reunited With His Pet Hawk, And A Collierville Tennessee Teacher Continues To Inspire Students

Collierville Tennessee

A local Tennessee teacher who has taught far and wide across the state continues inspiring students in Collierville, Tennessee. Mrs. Simmons has been a teacher for over thirty years and chose to get into this field because of her passion to inspire young children to be something more, three decades later and she continues her passion right here in Collierville.

Teacher spends decades inspiring students

One educator is using her power for good to shape young minds in the classroom to become successful leaders in the world one day.

This teacher has been bringing children together for decades.

Walk into the classroom of Pamela Simmons, or Ms. Pam as the children like to call her, and you immediately feel welcomed.

For the past 30 years, Simmons has nurtured and shaped the young minds of many 4, 5, and 6-year-olds. First at the Jewish Community Center, and now at Central Learning Center in Collierville, Tennessee. News Source

A young boy who is a lover of the great outdoors, who joined the boy scouts to further be able to enjoy nature in a variety of ways, received a pet hawk. After sometime, Alex had to release the Hawk into the wild for some time, unsure if he would ever see the hawk again. Sure enough, the hawk had returned to him and the Collierville boy scout was beyond overjoyed.

Collierville Boy Scout reunited with his pet hawk ‘Apollo’

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Collierville family is overjoyed after the community helped reunite a teen with his lost pet.

Alexander Reives, 15, didn’t want a standard cat or dog as a pet — he wanted a hawk.

“My first reaction was, ‘What, a hawk? Okay,'” said Bretha Reives, Alexander’s mother.

She says her son, who’s a Boy Scout, has always loved the outdoors and any animal he comes across.

“When we want to ground him, we tell him he can’t go outside,” she said. “It’s like a death sentence for him.” Original Article 

With the Collierville Tennessee budget experiencing a multitude of budgeting issues this past year, it is likely that Collierville property taxes will have to rise in order to make up for this deficit. Town leaders from throughout Collierville had all decided that this would likely be the best course of action to take, despite likely angering the citizens of Collierville Tennessee.

Collierville property taxes likely to rise to cover budget shortfalls, town leaders say

While other Shelby County suburbs raised taxes last year, Collierville held out, trimming its budget to avoid a property tax increase in 2017.

But with a $2 million revenue deficit, officials say Collierville property owners should expect a property tax increase this year.

One alderman cited a minimum amount of 8 cents, a figure Collierville Mayor Stan Joyner says “won’t be a drop in the bucket” based on the current budget hole the town needs to fill. Original News Source