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Collierville may have to allow return of Airbnb, if TN bill becomes law

Collierville Tennessee may open up Airbnb and Homeaway services for residents to start renting out their Collierville properties to people coming to stay for a short while. One Collierville resident said that she was making $1500 a month from renting out a an apartment behind her home and that the ban on Airbnb has made a significant impact on her income.

James Lewellen is Collierville’s town administrator. He said town officials plan to contact elected officials to voice opposition to the proposed measure.

“We think it’s a bad law,” Lewellen said. “We’ve already gotten input from our community and understand what our community wanted.”

Public officials in Collierville believe the issue should be handled locally. Lewellen said short-term rentals were banned after neighbors voiced concerns. News Source

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Collierville residents turn out for crime prevention meeting

It’s been a short year so far, we are hardly out of the second month of 2018 and already the Collierville police department has had to deal with the theft of 35 cars and trucks. Not to the defense of the thieves but not one of the stolen vehicles were locked when they were stolen. Even worse, there were guns stolen from cars in Collierville TN with a total of 37 stolen guns in total being taken from Collierville vehicles in 2017.

Since the beginning of 2018, thieves have stolen from 35 vehicles in Collierville.

And 100 percent of those vehicles were unlocked.

The thieves took money, a drone, hunting equipment, a radar detector, along with eight firearms that include several shotguns and a Glock 32.

“In 2017, we lost 37 guns in cars out here. Now those are 37 guns that are in the hands of criminals right now,” said Collierville Police Department Assistant Chief Jeff Abeln. “If you’re going to carry a firearm, don’t leave it in your vehicle and for goodness sake, don’t leave it in an unlocked vehicle.”

There were few empty seats inside the board chambers at Collierville Town Hall on Monday for the police department’s neighborhood crime prevention meeting. Information Source

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A family in Collierville Tennessee rescued a squirrel, upon releasing the squirrel, the family cat lunged at the squirrel and attacked it viciously. Unfortunately the squirrel died, however the Tennessee family did say that it was due to illness and not from the injuries. Obviously that is very hard to believe given how bad the attack was.

Parents in Collierville, Tennessee, rescued the rodent after their son found it

  • Kind-hearted family rescue squirrel, nurse it back to health, and release it on video – only for their pet to snatch it within seconds
  • The mother said she had no idea ‘our cat Tom was outside at the time of release’
  • But that ‘Tom the cat did not kill the squirrel, he died from what he was sick from.

A rescued squirrel which was finally being released back into the wild had his freedom cut short after a house cat attacked and clawed at the animal before it had chance to escape. Parents in Collierville, Tennessee, took in the grey squirrel after their son, Hoss, found the injured rodent. They offered care and respite to the adorable animal for a couple of days before sending it back on its way. – Read more