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Get Rid Of Moles In Collierville Tennessee

Moles look a lot like common burrowing mammals such as mice, gophers and voles, but since they lack large front teeth, moles are not considered rodents. Known for living in segregation, these nuisance burrowers spend all their life underground, constantly digging the immediately shallow layer of soil in yards and gardens in pursuit of food. Mole trapping is much different than the typical squirrel, roof rat or raccoon removal calls that we get.

The most distinguishing feature between moles and other burrowing creatures is their long, pointed snout and wide fore paws. Their eyes are also invisible as they’re hidden in fur and covered by a thin skin membrane. That explains why some people think they do NOT possess eyes.

Looking For Other Wildlife Control Services?

Contact our Germantown mole control  specialists for a wide variety of services. We provide rodent control and roof rat removal, as well as Wildlife Removal services. Many of our services are customized for you, based on the exact problem you are facing with wildlife or rats. Our licensed technicians are very thorough and are also certified by the state of Tennessee. We are known for getting animal removal jobs done right and always on time.

A mole issue can be a real problem. Not only can moles cause damage to your home or property, they can also harm you, your family or your pets. Our experts specialize in getting rid of moles and providing mole exclusion work to make sure they stay out for good. Call us today for mole trapping in Collierville, TN.

Property Invasion

If moles stayed away from people’s yards and homes, no one would have any problem with them. But since they can’t, their presence alone is unwanted, considering the amount of damage they’re likely to cause to a piece of land by simply occupying it.

Moles don’t live in large populations. Only 3 to 5 moles will occupy an acre of land. But even so, the damage caused by one mole is enough to cause serious damage to a piece of land.

Read this bearing in mind that one mole can dig up to 100 feet of tunnel within a day. Plus they’re always in constant pursuit of food, so it’s just a matter of time before the damages caused by one mole can be spotted everywhere on a piece of land.

Well kept lawns, public parks, sports grounds, and golf courses are NOT spared of their damages. If anything these fields tend to have plenty of worms and grubs, in addition to spotting perfect soil consistency, thus a favorite habitat for them.

Mole Damage To Lawns

Farmlands, sports fields, gardens, and yards all get to suffer from mole infestation once so often. The tunnels dug are problematic, but the main issue is with the dirt they excavate near the soil surface as they move around searching for food.

The tunnels also deform the landscape, and if it happens there plants grown in the field, they too may suffer the damage as the moles try to scoop the soil around them while trying to find food.

Mole Prevention

The only way to keep a piece of land or field free from mole infestations is to make them inhospitable to moles. This can be achieved by getting rid of all their sources of food particularly grubs, worms, and larvae.

Mole Trapping Services

Moles are NOT easy to trap. Only the best professionals know how to effectively set mole the traps correctly and without disturbing dirt mounds. They also know how to treat the soil and make it uninhabitable to moles and other burrowers. This may require the use of heavy rollers that will be run to the field to make the soil difficult to dig and burrow. Bear in mind that our mole traps are only a threat to moles, so if you have children or happen to keep pets, then nothing we do posses any kind of danger to their well being. Our trained technicians have been in the field long enough to know what’s exactly to be done to keep your yard, garden or farmland free from moles, even those likely to invade it in the future.

Call us today for emergency mole removal. We safely get rid of nuisance moles from homes!